Statement from the Hekmati Family on Amir's Secret Re-Trial and Sentencing

It is with a very heavy heart that we receive the news that our son and brother, Amir Hekmati, was tried, convicted, and sentenced to ten years in prison on the charge of "Practical Collaboration with the American government" in a secret trial in December.

This conviction is unsettling specifically because Amir was born and raised in the United States and committed no crime, choosing only to visit Iran to spend time with his ailing grandmother. Prior to receiving permission from Iran to visit, Amir submitted his application to the Iranian interests section in Washington D.C. and openly provided his military history both as a marine, and a contractor. Amir was then assured that he would have no problems entering Iran with this history.

The lack of transparency in Amir's case has made both defending him against these false charges and fighting for his freedom a path full of obstacles, road blocks, and unpredictable difficulties.

In addition to the devastating news of this secret conviction, our family is enduring great hardship as Amir's father, Dr. Ali Hekmati, struggles to recover from a recent stroke and declining health. Dr. Hekmati continues to fight his terminal brain cancer with the powerful will of a father who longs to embrace his son once again before it is too late.

Despite these afflictions, Amir's family continues to show faith in God that after this hardship will come ease. With every new challenge our determination grows, and our hope
never falters. Our family's love and resolve is emboldened by a diverse and growing global community of support that believes in justice, freedom, and humanity.

The Hekmati family respectfully asks senior Iranian officials to review Amir's conviction, and to resolve this grave misunderstanding by granting Amir his freedom and a safe return home.