Amir is an Iranian-American detained in Iran while visiting his grandmother. Falsely accused of being a spy, he was detained in August of 2011, held in solitary confinement for months and hidden by the walls of Iran’s Evin prison.  He was sentenced to death in January of 2012, the first American to receive the death penalty in Iran in over 33 years. His death sentence was overturned by a higher court in March 2012 based on insufficient evidence, and a new trial ordered. Amir languished behind the walls of Evin prison, his fate looming over his head. In April of 2014, it was discovered that Amir was tried and sentenced to ten years in a secret, closed-door proceeding - a proceeding in December 2013 that Amir and his attorney were not informed of and were not given the opportunity attend.  

Amir's father, battling brain cancer, recently suffered a stroke that has left him hospitalized. His father fears he will never hold Amir in his arms again.

On May 19, 2014, a vigil will take place in Washington DC, leading up to Amir's 1000th day in prison. The vigil will begin at 12:20 AM and continue until 7:00 PM - 1000 minutes, one minute for each day Amir has been wrongfully imprisoned in Iran. We ask that you join us and stand in solidarity with Amir. If you can't be with us, we ask post a note, telling us what you have done over these 1000 days that Amir could not. These notes will be written on a banner, signifying all of the freedoms Amir has had stolen from him while spending each day in his cell in Evin. We also ask that you take a photo of yourself with THIS GRAPHIC and post it to our Facebook page and to Twitter, with the hashtag #1000Days - a gesture to stand in solidarity with Amir as he continues to fight to be free. 


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